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    My man says he has erectile dysfunction. Yet I had been with him about 45 days and the day before i moved in he was on alot of nonstop pornsites watched alot of porn and did alot of video chat sexting. I mean a lot I seen the history in phone it was crazy alot. Anyways he hasn't put no effort into having sex with me at all he put more effort into all the porn an texting the other females```

  • @idarose1975 ha ha so funny , fellow who wanna be a broker between relationship and may be little bit kuckoo, very nosey eagerly wanna interferior in other people's life and relationship.. with some alphabet infront of the name to prove that its govt recommanded certified course I guess?? Wonderful inn't??

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    It takes 45 days of non-stop banging for a bearded sea chicken taco to utterly debilitate a magma spear.

  • @idarose1975 What's your question? I'm not sure of it.