• I'm still about whether it's a good idea to post it or not.
    I write from time to time.I have many drafts to finish. What i write it's personal so it's not easy for me to share. Only one friend knows that i write but even him didn't read this. So what do you think ?

    I have
    Have you not think,
    Have you not act,
    Have you not done.
    Something undone.

    Have you not shout,
    Have you not wept,
    Have you not left.
    Things unsaid.

    Have you not wonder,
    Have you not grief,
    Have you not look.
    Straight into abyss.

    Have you worried,
    Have you cried,
    Have you said.
    One last goodbye.

  • My mind got fucked after reading it

  • .......Deeeep......

  • Thanks,that's how I meant to write it.

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