Looking for a Female freind. Build the freindship. Get to know a nice woman to have fairly intellectual conversations with. Just be genuine as i will be too.

  • I'm 29 Male, Looking for a womanly friend. just for genuine chit chat. share stories, dreams and become good friends with each over. I have a huge heart and a lot of good sits in me, ready to share with someone who may be as lovely as I can be. So Let me know if online friendship/companionship is on the cards for you too , Thanks :)

  • @B-an-Dee Hi.
    What do you mean by, "... I have... a lot of good sits in me"? [sic]
    Is that a UK term?

  • Maybe thats my kind of term. In my way it means, spiritually i have a lot of good there. Its took a while actually to realise this. But yeah. Deep down, i have a lot of good that sits to the core of who i am. :)

  • Forgive me but it looks more like the announcement for a girlfriend.
    Friendship is genderless and you can have "intellectual" conversations with men too. It rather resembles a .. friendship with possible evolution into something more.
    It is an interesting request and description of yourself .. I hope you will find what you are looking for :) :)

  • @BtoDee Thank you for answering my question. I noticed you changed your profile name and photos. Pictures are one thing, but being indecisive on your name is not a great sign of stability. I hope you find what you're looking for.

  • @Sumbo-DeSpeshal Sorry to burst your bubble but the stability - (nick)name correlation is as far-stretched as it could be. I can understand the need for consistency, I myself like to think I hardly change my... online identity, and the changes do occur due to certain circumstances. Yet a name change could mean many more things.

    @Shardana Spot on. Looking back at your previous posts I was expecting you to express how you feel about one's way of selling themselves. And if that is not too much to ask, I'd appreciate your insight.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi there

  • @Shardana Hey there thankyou for the comment. You make sense in what you say in a vision of ways. 22 hours ago i wrote this post. I have come back online. Read what i put. so knowing who i am and why i posted this is me actually shouting for someone to love and be loved by them too. Yes. so in simple terms I indeed are looking gff for a lover for me. I believe i have a deep fear of quick love. This request i posted was a really strong, brave and proud moment for myself as i look back now. Typing away does become theraputic. fast becoming my therapy chatroom i talk away in. Thankyou for comments and posts. :blush:

  • @Sumbo-DeSpeshal Oh yes i apologize for any offense i have caused with lets just say the graphical images. I have since been informed and guided on my mistake of rule with the content i uploaded. And will follow suit as wished. The edit of my username was due to a group chat not accepting special characters in my userbane so therefore i had to wiggle them out but i did attempt to keep the same twang in tone it was. yet again. its the 1st 24hr use of any chatroom online, ever. so advice and knowledge with opinion is welcome openly, Thankyou.![thankyou]

  • @Swarnima-Singh hello you. Thanks for the Hey from yourself. :face_savoring_food:

  • @BtoDee hello I am new and I am 15 years old ,wanna be friends?

  • @tempname439 You know? I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure what he was really looking for. That's why I asked. I don't like to judge and I can be wrong. But I saw no intention of selling or buying love, rather even reading what he has in subsequent posts, a request for attention, melancholy and fear. I can only hope that he will be able to find what he is looking for, "off the screen", because feelings must be lived, touched by hand and the screen is just a cold container. I say this with my heart, because luckily love is not something you can buy, you can buy moments of pleasure, but not this feeling, which is wonderful because it is spontaneous. I also hope he understands that love is looking for you, it happens suddenly, and you only notice it when you are in it.

  • @BtoDee Young prince, I am sincere. I really hope you will find love. Which is wonderful but frightening, because we are always afraid of not being reciprocated. But you know what? The real meaning of love is to love, to give unconditionally. Quick love does not exist, it is only pleasure or attraction, because when it ends maybe it never really was. Getting infatuated is easy, we like someone and think we are in love with them, but we love an ideal more than a person. Love, on the other hand, is true when you don't even know what you like about the other person, yet you like everything, you want her next to you, love often comes with time and knowledge and is strengthened with complicity, dialogue, the desire to be us instead of I. Wanting to be loved is natural, asking for love is not, if you ask for it you will not be loved. How do you know you really are?. You have to live it .. Love conquers you and not vice versa. I wish you true love, may you grow old with the same person and look at her in 60 years or more as if it were the first time. Good luck :)

  • Hiii, message me