• Showing distress, this peace
    Beyond the conceptual -
    Neptune’s abandoned niece
    Prays silent and dismal.

    A determined fate
    Resides in his each breath -
    Lines unworthy to repeat
    Are echoed in this Earth.

    For distrust once gave him
    Depth of shallow tide,
    Beset him and befell him
    With that cold unworthy pride.

    Preserved in her, his tongue;
    Jarred hearts in formaldehyde
    Savoured by the young
    Are cast out by the wise.

    Fallen bitter twins
    Set out to find their lot
    Discerning kept within
    So Tragic and besot.

    But driven on by spurs
    Each made for them alone
    There is a majesty of verse
    Within each hefty tome.

    If he’d only noticed her
    At once, beneath his wing
    Gifted her his shoulder
    Through him let her sing

    Perhaps these words would not
    So mottled sit unspoken -
    To each the one forgot
    Their love remained unopened.

  • Meloncholy
    It's beautiful..thanks for shared

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