My "sisters" Evil Scheme. What would you do?

  • What would you do if the your sister that you havent seen in person for over 10 yrs but talk on the phone for hrs daily. Came up with a plan to make you move from nj wher you live to florida the state she wants to move back to but she currently lives in ATL. She suggest you come to ATL until we find a place together because its a pretty easy and fast process. You get to ATL and a week later she steals your debit card number got a loan in your name with your social... And the next day try to turn on electricity in a different place with your debit card. You know this because you got the notification from your bank and when the first one happened you made a police report. First time it your money disappeared you weren't sure if it was her but the second time the charge from went to the website and tried to sign in to an acct but put your sisters phone number and email for username and pass code... Account opens. Now you are 100% sure it was your siter and im very sure her husband is in on it. What do I do. She stole my all my money and even got loans in my name. Im stuck in her house with no money and nowhere ro goooo! I left my place in Nj because she talk me into this for over a year. Im in such disbelief. She is definitely not the girl i grew up with.

  • @IvoryGR speechless… it’s too disheartening

  • @depin it really is. Our relationship is ruined forever.

  • @IvoryGR can only sympathise and advise to move on (however difficult it is)

  • @depin I havent even told my mom or her dad yet.

  • @IvoryGR you wanna chat … follow me back n lemme ping you there

  • Sounds unbelievable

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