• i am white. and yet i stand in unison with you withy my fist held high in the sky. they say that Jesus SAW people, he HEARD people and he FELT people. i do the same for you. i cry when you are crying. i see you in the streets and i march with you. and when you are angry, i want to be seething with that same anger that is boiling inside you.

    that is how we change this, people. we SEE our counterparts as humans, not as a color. we see them bleeding the same red blood. i am ashamed to be human these days. to live in this land of disgrace and greed and toxicity. a president wo i wont even acknowledge with that title who is devoid of empathy and is a walking shell with a heart made of coal. a stock market that runs up every day while so many suffer so tremendously, because greed only dies the day Man does

    just wanted to offer my thoughts. i am white, but i am human. and that is all i have to be to understand your hurt, anger and fear. i heard this on tv a few days ago spoken by a black man "stop just caring about our culture and music and see US instead"

    i will. "together , united, we can NEVER be divided"

  • @Mike-JB is that you same white boy ?? I can't believe it but bravo keep it up !! How come??' I am zapped!! how , why, where or which ?? did you woke up today morning white boy??

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