• It's not even the end of Halloween and there is Christmas shit everywhere. It's annoying af. Ik why their doing it but still. At least do both holidays not skip Halloween:((

  • @Raye oh Raye, I do love Christmas.. Only time of the year, that malls, ( the money stealing corps), dress up the shopping to look so pretty.. evil as they are. hahaha.. but seeing little kids running around so happy and screaming, and then you look at the parents so tired and want to die, it brings warmth to my heart, cause I know I am not the parent. hahahahaa. Reminds me of the movie "Christmas Story"

    "I'm stuck I'm Stuck.. don't leave me Guys.. ooohh.. don't Leave Me!!!!"

  • @AXES well that might happen there for u but here it's the opposite. Spoiled beats crying everywhere, parents upset that they can't buy stuff for their family, ppl arguing over a turkey, etc