Is it ethical to profit from people's misfortune?

  • Like drug dealers or people who sell cigarettes or even people who do onlyfans or even legit doctors. You profit from people's addictions or loneliness or other illnesses. Is that ethical? In the cases of drug dealers, is it fine because you're giving people their fix? Or doctors, is it fine to charge people absurd amounts of money for something as basic as healthcare? What do you think about profiting from people's suffering?

  • if you feel guilty then it's not ethical , if you don't then it's not , everyone makes their choices

  • @Merlin-James Thats not even an ethical question lol

  • @Merlin-James said in Is it ethical to profit from people's misfortune?:

    What do you think about profiting from people's suffering?

    Suppose you'd carelessly visited a hot tempered barber for a French crop, homie's havin a bad day but from the charming conversation arises such irating question🤣🤣5nlcul_1.jpg
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  • @The-Mods how so? I'm not trying to be disrespectful or anything, just trying to get an idea about where I might have gone wrong with the question. Did it come across as too judgmental? If so, my objective is really just to see what people think to better inform my own views, so I do apologize if I came across as judgmental. Just trying to see where people's heads are at

  • @Cold-Sun I see people are taking issue with the question, itself. Could you tell me where I might have gone wrong/ where you're coming from when you say it's iritating?

  • @Lake-Bodom could you expound?

  • @Merlin-James it's in the eye of the beholder :)

  • @Lake-Bodom well yes, but I want to know what YOU think

  • @Merlin-James for me it's not that ethical at some points , well depends on the situation and the actual misfortune damage

  • @Lake-Bodom so it's a case by case thing for you?

  • @Merlin-James yes , you can say that !

  • @Merlin-James It not necessarily profiting from people's suffering ok?? There're certain things human beings chose themselves well aware of their unpropitious effects hence misfortunes, while on the contrary, they're those that using them scrupulously. Take snouts, you don't snap up because the seller forces on you.. that, you'd say benefiting from your misfortune. It what you think you need at the moment and that comes with a cost. It not misfortune for majority using cautiously and with that, comes scope for more production. Production with benefit from someone benefiting from it and that's how economy possed move. You purchase sth coz you need it taking in mind too much of anything's bad, you lose money too coz it coming at a cost so don't take person sellin benefiting from your suffering if you benefiting from it.

  • @Cold-Sun I think I get what you're saying. Everyone makes their own choice as to how they use their money and the people selling are just doing their job and that's how the economy works. Cool. You answered my question. Thank you.

  • @Merlin-James Perfect conclusion. Am sorry I had to cross streams, rivers, lakes and climb mountains to get to the point🤣🤣🤣 it just being my perception bout it but sth perplexing as this, whether it ethical or not could be a mystery to unveil...depending on other interpretations


    It is unethical when it causes irreparable damage to anyone in any means, now cigarette for example cause damage because of overuse and addiction, which is the irresponsible use of one's own judgment, anything in excess does damage us. Doctors charging for medical care is ethical because they are putting their efforts and time into it and they need returns out of it, but not attending the emergency cases when it's the question of life and death as attended other cases is unethical, basically its about being humane, with the balance of one's choice and responsible use of that power, hope I did give my point in a clear way 😅 don't sue me if not though lol

  • @Merlin-James But the opposite It's not ethical to mix between a harmful duty or job and a benificial one (between the drug dealer and the doctor ) because by doing so you are unintentionaly covering up all other possibilities of profitable actions . Example : Is it ethical to feed people by selling their food to profit ? Is It ethical to have a friend knowing that others are friendless ? Is It ethical to own a property knowing that some people are homeless ? Such questions are not related to ethics basically .

  • @The-Mods yeah I thought about that. One is a case of treatment while the other is enabling the issue. Still, I noticed both jobs do come from the same source and while the way it's being dealt with differs, I still (and this is my opinion, here) don't know how I feel about how much doctors charge. I don't know anything about how expensive the equipment or research they use is (so that may be a justifiable reason I just don't know about), but I happen to have witnessed firsthand the absolute number that healthcare can do to one's bank account. It does disturb me more than a bit that something as essential as saving lives often requires you to leave them in permanent financial ruin. It's like the person's dying and you're killing them for it. Punishment for suffering. That's kind of the angle I'm coming from, here.

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    @Merlin-James how about buying any kind of insurance? 🤔🤔🤔

  • @Merlin-James By saying that I got ur main point not from your post tbh . So basically what your saying that the health care domain should be controlled by the government (The ministry of health) and from the citizens taxes they charge them for their treatment . That's actually what I agree on with you . But the crucial comparison between what a doctor do (even if It's bankrupting people for treatment) and the drug dealer that basically causes this treatment in most cases (Since he causes the damage obviously by selling these toxic stuff )Isn't fair or ethical thats why I said that ur post isn't ethical or fair to be specific ... but totally agree abt the overcharge Issue.