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    If yes, then feel free to tell me if you believe you are effected with it & how it effects , thank you


    I believe it does exist..

  • @XR7_ yeah I do belive you if you belive it exist, if you religious if god exist for you all exist ..personally I do not believe that black magic exist

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    @knownsense I personally believe it does, because of my religion, my religion confirms that someone did black magic on our prophet, still it didn't effected him at all.

  • @XR7_ No , black magic doesnt exist , its just superstitious , people actually started believing these black magics due to the things shown in movies, and spread fake stories for attraction .

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    With light comes darkness.

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    @XR7_ well i think you can do magic unlesd you are so close to god or so close to the devil . Normal people cant do it. Its them that grant you that power for a price. And since its so hard to be so close to god to do magic, its mostly being close to the devil thats the reason. And hey i dont think its good.

  • @XR7_ you are talking about prophet Muhammad,or Jesus or musa, yes I did hear all the prophet affected by "black magic" yeah if you belive in God you have to belive in devil plus magic jin ...or ghost ..we are energy it just exist even all black magic, is energy... once upon a time I was sleeping in gravy yard yeah so I did experience many energy.... but I was thinking that I am hallucinating..also my mind play games in my brain... there is sura chapter 49 in quran you have to read 49 times for 49 days between 3:00 am to 3:49 am yeah ....and you will gain jin which will help you to do black magic or white magic it dependsup on you what energy you are....

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    @knownsense brother can you please provide surah chapter, because I'm just wondering, I didn't heard about it yet. Thanks

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