Kallikak family (bad history)

  • So like hundred years ago there was a scientist name Henry Goddard (the one who invented word moron) was curious about intelligence and feeble-minded people. For why they r stupid. And wanted to know what causes the stupidity.
    He was researching on a feeble-minded boarding school in New Jersey. There he tried to mesure intelligence like we mesure height or weight. By simple questions. taking iq test.
    There he found a girl name Emma Wolverton, who mother abandoned her coz of one of her boyfriends tell her he will marry her under one condition, she needs to get rid of her children. Since emma start in live in that school.
    From Henry's conclusion he finds there is a low level than idiot, imbecile. And then moron. And according to his test Emma was moron. Now he wants to find out why she is moron. So he asked his assistant to find her family. The assistant came with a lot mind-boggling information . It starts from one man who had two women. He was a American soldier and coz of him the family tree splits into two part one is good kallikak's and other one is bad kallikak's. In bad kallikak's mostly people were stupid and low iq .
    So Henry concluded that stupidity is I genetic.
    And he get worried for country. Coz of this all people in this country will be morons. He wanted to spread this to everyone so he writes a book name the kallikak's family and changed Emma's name to Deborah kallikak.
    At that point no one was there to challenge this idea, in fact powerful people were strongly believed in it. At that time a lot emigrants came to America from Europe as well as from Asia. Americans was afraid of them. Coz of kallikak family. They started to sterilized people like this.
    Politicians and lawyers used this book to push their agenda. And book reached to nazzys. In 1960 a college kid devid Smith heard about this story and finds it fishy . Coz his mother was a housewife and dad was machinist at a railroad company. From this theory he also be like his parents but he became academic.
    In 1980 he went back to New Jersey to that boarding school to get more information about Deborah kallikak. He found there her real name but at that time Emma Wolverton was died already.
    Devid tracked down a lot relatives of Emma and found there r a lot bad kallikak's are actually doing good. And good kallikak's r doing bad in life.
    Henry Goddard was kind of upset about things happening in world and impact of his book. He sent a letter to Emma explaining all complicated theories of his research. Emma didn't hold grudge against him in face she named one of her cat after him.
    Henry sent her a christmas card where he wrote to her about his theories of intelligence[103]. It seems Emma appreciated he could share such complicated ideas with her. She told a staff member: “the nicest thing about it is that he thought I have the brains to understand it, which of course I do.”
    Poor Emma she live a life she did deserve.

    Source (podcast) : https://open.spotify.com/episode/6NIbsn2SW2qNFAgXnbP0Jm?si=GWBW5_wWSdC508Oy927vWg&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1

    I surely missed a lot points. (I didn't say how David proved this theory is false. I want to focus more on Emma. She really lived a live what she doesn't deserve. ) So I recommend u to listen this podcast if u find this topic interesting. They attached transcript of podcast in it too.

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    @Im-bad33 Can you make a summarized version for those of us who don't like readin all that much?

  • @DeathDudeTheGod
    this summarized version I can Make. If u don't like to read then listen that podcast. Its not so long

  • @D1Vine thanks 🙂

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