• Ok, so I know that I've made 1 or 2 posts about me quitting before, but this time, I actually am lol. It's not because of the idiots that you get on here, but simply because I'm not that active anymore.

    In my signature is my YouTube channel/account and my slightly inactive Instagram, so you can follow me there and DM me if you want to get in touch lol...I don't think that you're allowed to share emails on here either, but mine is [email protected]...This isn't the email I used to sign up to TWS, so good luck hackers on finding tell one I did use :D

    Go on, get at me if I've violated the rules!

    And before somebody attacks me, no, I will not be giving away my
    TWS account, or any other socials for that matter-

    So yeah, thanks to the few people on here who aren't insane, and I've actually had a pretty good time on this website/app :)

    (I might drop a message in public chat someday, who knows?)

    See y'all :3

  • TM see you should'nt make this decision In a post but highly supports It. :)

  • If you leave because you're mostly inactive, then that means I've left a long time ago, because my inactivity is like over 9000, I'm like "Hey", then POOFS, then I just come back on again just to go POOFS a few seconds later