just a safe space for people to talk about whatever they are going through:)

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    bottling up emotions is actually so- y i k e s! the world is in a pandemic, which makes life even more stressful! some people don’t have the best household situation, and quarantining with a bad atmosphere can be frustrating. no one is alone! i know it may feel like you are right now, but people are here to listen:) i am here to listen. you don’t have to go through this alone, so i created this- what’s this called again??? A TOPIC B) please be respectful and understanding towards others! this is a judgement-free topic place thingy so pop off and do that keyboard smash or whatever you feel like doing (as long as it respects everyone else on this topic line of replies) you can ever give/ask for advice :) GO HAM!

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  • @Shiveer-Preamdeo if you ever need to talk about things and just let it all out, then my messages are always open:) i may not be able to meet for coffee, but i can listen! you are not alone:)