I do not know what to do on a date.

  • I met her at a foreign socials I attended to. She’s really beautiful that the first time I laid my eyes on her, I was totally dumbstruck. She was the one who broke my silence by introducing herself. I know for an old guy like me, that was pretty dumb but hey, what can I do? Her beauty just got me paralyzed for a couple of seconds then and we kept in touch since. Fortunately for me, she moved to the US a few months after. I asked her out after a month (yes, it took me that long) of staying her in Vegas. I was superbly joyed when she agreed on a date with me and here comes the problem. I am both excited and nervous for our date. Don’t get me wrong, I have been in a lot of dates before especially before I got married but time has changed the ways of dating. Besides, she’s a foreigner. I do not know how to actually please a Colombian especially this one. She seems very sophisticated. Now, I don’t know what to do on my date. Calling all the guys out there to help a fellow guy out. I would owe you a lot. Thanks!

  • @handsome456 Don't worry dude, everything will be alright. Just be yourself and always be humble because a woman knows a real gentle man. How about invite her on movie date or a romantic candle light dinner.

  • @handsome456 there's nothing to worry about that, just be your self and be good to her and most important is dont lie to her and be nice to her. as long as you dont have a bad intention for her.

  • @handsome456 Uhm, permission to comment Sir lol. You said, "Calling all the guys out there to help a fellow guy out. I would owe you a lot. Thanks!" Since I'm a woman, I want to ask your permission first before I could say my opinion 😹

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