• Can someone suggest me a tv series on par or even greater than Breaking Bad? Cant seem to enjoy any series at all after watching it. Thanks in advance!

  • @Bc3 I like a lot of Netflix series. Here are a few all are on Netflix but elsewhere as well.

    Ozark- starts slow but gets VERY addicting to watch
    You- creepy but good
    Merlin- old King Arthur series if you like that type
    The Last Kingdom - Cant wait for next season
    The Witcher- Loved it
    American Horror Story - Can't explain how much I look forward to every new season of this.

  • @Janet Thank you! I'm going to put these on my list for now cuz I'm currently watching The Boys in Amazon Prime(dl'ed from torrent) and its amazing. 👌

  • @Bc3 Oh yes! The Boys is really good!

  • My GF told me that he is talking to some guys. let me tell you about that guy ,he writes erotic quotes and stories and talks in English very well ,I on the other hand can't speak very well English or I am not that great at romance. for few months I am in a struggling phase and I am not able to give her much time, so she started talking to some guy she met on the internet for about a week, I am not able to give her much time online chatting and all, and I am worrying if they both into something. We are in a relationship for about 3 years. What should I do?