Whats your 2020 review?

  • Movie Buff

    Mine is 7/10

    Personally: im doing good even today!! 9/11

    Hysterical World

    Media: damn, Fake news like CNN jamming our throats with thier fear mongering never even focused on china, russia tensions of another possible cold war. Its always been COVID COVID, TRUMP AND TRUMP. Dont get me started about BLM riots and joe biden. 1/10

    Events 6/9

    Kobe byrant and George floyd: the huge difference of these two is the one (george) death changes the america forever and two (kobe) known as legend basketball player.

    Beruit explosion: not gonna lie, that was awesome to see.

    BLM riots: man, something tells me about the uncertainty of usa future. Its getting to the point where, the country itself will divorced into two countries as the whole continent.

    COVID: i know it aint coming from people eating bats. Its biochemical warfare, it basically manmade disease originates from china, wuhan tech laboratories.

    Ww3 trending on first days of January 2020. The assassination of general Qasem Soleimani.

    US president election rigged. I remember trump had Michigan and one other state by a large margin and its impossible for biden votes to overcome it, where trump could've won a election. Next morning, biden reclaimed those two states all of sudden. Today, still one of biggest sus. What is it? Online voting doesn't belong to voting imo people were using dead people to vote smh. Not gonna help when there a big delay on recounting which is also give a second chance to biden win unfairly.

    I wont say other famous celebrities death.

    Yeah. Crazy year.

    Flight PK8303, tension rises at sino indian border. Crisis on middle east; tigray conflict, syrian civil war.

    It seems 2021 is repeating itself and gets only worse.....
    God help us all. God bless you and have a safe day out there.

    7/10 for me.

    It would be straight 8/10 if zombie apocalypse would happen.

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