• Am I being petty? I feel like when my husband makes plans/decisions with his ex that involve me directly I should be consulted. For example... he had the discussion and made plans for his ex to come to our home where she has never been before to drop off his daughters uniform when normally they meet at a MacDonald's or another public place due to previous issues they have had. Should he not have spoken to me before inviting the devil into our home? It was also not discussed with me before he arranged we would have his daughter the night before her first day back at school and he would be working and I would be getting her ready, even though I am not allowed to drop her at schoo,l but its ok to expect me to get up at six thirty to get her ready so his mum can come to take her, I was never even brought into the conversation, it was just organised with out me. Now he has arranged for his ex to bring his daughter to the hospital the day after I give birth so his daughter can see her new sister... all of these things would have happened as I would not have refused but is it too much that I wish he would speak to me or have a conversation with me before arranging these things with his ex.

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