• Do you think your life has meaning? Also, do you consider life to even be meaningful? Is it on your mind, and if so how often? We can live with or without in my eyes, but your thoughts on the matter would really be appreciated.

    Been ruminating...

  • I think about this topic a lot. One of the best and worst rabbit holes you can get into. I feel the meaning of life keeps changing with the experience we get from living it. And life has any meaning or not is just us trying to make sense of what is not understandable to us or just one-dimensional thinking from our perspective? I honestly can discuss hours and each person I discuss this with has their own take on it.

    I would honestly love to get one more perspective. It can be fun getting to know the other person by his take on life

  • @probonoworker

    Thanks for your input man! I do agree our meaning changes and evolves as we do, and I see the wisdom in thinking we may not ever understand the truth of the matter.

    Not that you need to, but you didn't mention your own meanings in this, and I am curious

  • Honestly, I am struggling with my take on my meaning of life and living. The more i think, the more i get confused and maybe because i travel a lot and each region has its own local take and I feel I belong to none of these meanings.

    My take is life is at this moment... it is all about the now. but my meaning doesn't make me stop thinking about the future.

    What's your thoughts

  • I'm an involuntary existential nihilist, it is what it is. I think meaning is a necessary form of delusion. I try my best to nourish mine through choice and make the best of it because of the endorphins. Not the most positive statement, and I certainly hope your feelings differ.

    I find it interesting that you are exposed to so many areas (I'm not) and it ended up muddling your own perspective despite all that experience. Some might say the answers are within rather than out there... we are the same in our conclusion though; bask in the now, but look to the future as well :)

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) One Woman Army

    My life has meaning to me. Life has its own meaning & it's a positive one I subscribe to. Beats death & thoughts related to it.

  • @Allison Yo! Your answer is complete on its own, yet I'm still requesting an elaboration

  • @Neurotic There's life(or actions/thoughts that mimic qualities of life in nature by being dynamic and contribute to it in yourself through constant growth) & death(stagnating, repeating, & degenerating like a shriveling weed etc). Death don't result in fulfillment. & the meaning of life is positive for fulfillment etc.

    Create or degenerate.

  • You're taking a deliciously logical/practical approach to what I framed as a matter of feelings. I 100% agree.

  • I used to think so. Then all this happened.

  • There is no meaning in my humble opinion. Life is an unconditional gift and each one of us is free to create our own meaning.