• Whenever you're faced with an important decision, a choice, be it life or career, you are always afraid, even though only slightly at times, of making a mistake. The question of what if you make the wrong decision clouds your mind and you look for someone else to make that choice for you. Often, that is because you don't want to face what's out there on your own, or partially because then you'll have someone else to blame if things didn't go as you thought they would. Sometimes you look for guidance from your significant other, better half as some might call it, but they don't know, they can't know exactly what's best for you. Heck, you can't even know that for yourself, because believe it or not, we are mediocre, incapable of knowing everything, no matter how safe we play. Thus, in such situations, it is but fitting to make a reasonably calculated decision and then go ahead with accepting the circumstances, which may not always be in our control no matter the decision we take or the choice we make. This is where belief and faith comes in, knowing we gave it our best, and then we leave the rest, to God's will.

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