• Today.
    To-let go.
    To-lose hope.
    To-gain faith.
    All we want is light.
    All we ever need is air.
    We see a good part of a human face.
    We see a smile. We see the spark in the eyes.
    We see the different feelings in a facial expression.
    What we try to not see is sadness.
    Tears with makeup or salty drops falling down.
    Looking so ugly. Feeling ashamed for nothing.
    Laying on the floor, bed, couch, Stairs, and kitchen table.
    We try so hard. Yet we get hurt. We stay positive. We hug those who need it most. We hide once more. As God keeps thundering down we still pray "It will get better just wait".
    So we wait .... and wait. Nothing changed.
    After a year nothing changed. After trying to talk to someone who understands. Talk to yourself say "I do want to be happy".