• Hi all,

    Really don't know how to write this but i have my concerns about a user and her wellbeing and I don't really know what to do.

    I've been talking with Dat_Thing xoxo for over a month now at this point and she suddenly went quiet about three days ago anf hasn't come back online since which is really out of character for her.

    She had been dealing with a lot of things emotionally and I was wondering if any users have been able to talk with her in the past and would know of the best way to approach this moving forward. I don't have any way to check in on her for a wellbeing check up or anything.

    I'd like to think everything is fine and its just a blip on the radar so to speak but I do fear the worst in this scenario and if there is any way to get a bit of help, i'll be grateful.

    Signing off,

  • Her names dat thing xoxo? I haven't personally but a random person I chatted with said something about talking to a girl with a similar name I think. It was yesterday