Good bye users 🖐️🖐️

  • So... As written in the title, that I'm leaving from the site forever due to some problems, and cuz of future plans... So when I joined, I made a post about it and now I'm leaving and this is a post about leaving from site forever and my last post... And I really made annoyed and sad some users and kindly I apologise for that.. and sorry for that. I made sad a girl who loved me, whom I loved really a lot... And forgive me that I did to you and sorry... Ok then bye everyone and thanks for the users who loved me as a member in this TWS family... Thank you everyone who cared me, who supported me... Everyone, be fine always, take care..... Bye!

  • Rulayega kya

  • @Osthe_ noo ;( :( I’ll miss u a lot osthe but I wish the best and if u feel leaving is right then I support u :( good luck for the future and tcc if u do come back dmm me lyly<33

  • hell ya brother ,have a good life