• Life is so unfair at times. You get to see what you hate to!! Why always good ends with being ditched or hurt !! ??????Why so even after being always available , still people like someone else

  • yes it happens with many of people . when people heart us there are two emotions people feel some feel anger and they want to heart them some people feel to cry and they feel pain but i realize that when you get hurt emotionaly by some one and you are in pain and you cry at that moment god is near you and you can feel it. you can talk to Him and then nature start to help you to get out of your problems.

  • Of course, everyone wants to be surrounded by "good people. But a truly good person is not someone who always goes along with others and agrees with the opinions of others. It is someone who knows how to be honest and frank, who is able to be themselves, who is willing to give, but who also stands up for their interests, beliefs and values while maintaining their dignity.

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