How about NO!...

  • Why do we try so hard to fit in?.
    How do we stop ourselves from harm?.
    As a human, we get hurt too easily.
    I have done bad things to my body.
    I have vaped. I have drank. I have lied.
    I have learned about the aftermath.
    People tell you not to do this, yet we still do.
    The question is why?
    Just to feel good?. to fit in with others?.
    How about NO.. is what we say to those who pressure our minds to do harm to our body.
    We try to fix ourselves with more.
    A true addiction.
    I have learned with my parents this kind of drugs, vapes, alcohol, and lies. Why not say NO instead of trying to get attention. Make you feel good. Do not feel bad that you said the wrong words because that's what makes you strong and more likely to be a friend. So ask yourself how about NO.

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