• Here I am in the darkest of places.
    I stand all alone as Im feeling these places.

    I thought the darkness had left for the light.
    Its mere presence often feels me with delight.

    Wait how could this be?
    In the light my darkness, she found me.

    So yes my dance with darkness goes on.
    The darkness will never leave me alone.

    I embrace it, I caress it, I hold it so near.

    With this great romance.
    How can the end ever be here.

    So we float on a sky of pillows so gray.
    As the bones of dolls carry us away.

    Aww; To be near you my darkness;your love is so clear.

    O my love I shutter to think of the light
    And those poor souls who live in its

    Always missing the the paleness of moon light.Living with thier disgraces.Never able
    to hide their Crumbling Faces.