• Banned

    I just wanted to tell my friend why it happened to me ...😐 i don't know why πŸ’”
    Even after meeting, I didn't meet you, don't know why, πŸ˜”
    Of miles there are distances from you,
    don't know why,πŸ˜’
    Like strangers, our stories are related to you, don't know why, πŸ˜‘
    Dreams are there below the eyelids, because of you, don't know why..πŸ˜”

    That who's living in my eyes, that looks exactly like you,🀐
    I don't know whether your Eyes or talks were the reason, 😢
    that you became the wish of heart,😞
    You, even though near,😟
    You, even though wished for,πŸ˜’
    Even after being a feeling,πŸ™„ are not mine, πŸ˜•
    why do I have such complaints,against you, 🀐 don't know why,

    How do I tell, Why I love you,
    ......., I'm unable to tell..
    see, whatever talks of hearts
    is remaining, the eyes explain to you..πŸ’•

    In my thoughts I say a million things, πŸ€— but
    Didn't say anything when in front of you,😭
    You won't be a stranger even if you're not mine,πŸ™
    Look, you just couldn't be mine,πŸ€•
    I feel remorsed, πŸ˜”the heart cries too,😭
    it cherishes dreams, πŸ’•
    it gone mad, 😟
    I don't know why... why I met you,..πŸ’”πŸ’”

  • LurkersForLife Gamers Freedom Writers

    that is a great poem. i know why, why you met: to produce a poem that will help others going through the same thing. Thank you for your pouring your heart out in word.

  • Beautiful Poem..

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