• First of all, I wanna say hi ti everyone. This is my 1st post on here, even I'm here for like 3 months or so, Idk. Doesn't matter actually.
    I think that I wouldn't even write this, if I didn't meet her and if she didn't encourage it.

    It was one of those boring nights, you know how they feel. Just scrolling through web sites till you find something good. Well that's when I accidently met her, right on TWS. For this post I will keep her identity hidden unless she choose to show up. I found one of her topics, I read it n it was good, then other one n so on. So I manage to make a move (acting brave) n messaged her. Since that day, 25th of September, things changed. Few days later, actually 30th of September , our hearts said "yes" to each other.

    Life have changed so much for both of us. Especially me, who was just an empty shell of human's body without any emotion or feelings. I was like frozen cold, untilsl she manage to heat up flame inside my heart n bring me back to the living world. I'm so thankful to her n she will be the most loved woman on the Earth. Even there r many differences between us, we just manage to be perfect piece of missing puzzle to each of our lifes.

    I love you forever! #GM❣

  • @Pikachu21 this post is really sweet and heart felt. she seems like the perfect girl for you. i'm happy for you..... ❤

    you deserve it. you're a great guy and i think she is lucky to have you. 🙂

  • LurkersForLife

    @Pikachu21 Good for you and yes I believe that you found the love of your life on TWS to. I did as well.. but have a good day 🙂

  • Animal Lovers Music Lovers MORBHEAD

  • @Wet-pussy are you sure about that? 😏

  • @Rei_90 ya 👀😂

  • lmfao finding love on tws bahahahaha lamee it prolly just lust ;))

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