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  • "This is Terra. There is only brother and sister here. There is no such thing as a different people, only organism and stress. Who of us here can't say that the manifestations of their mind does directly impact the secretion of their own hormones and that if they were to concentrate on where all of the love is coming from and going to for long enough, they will simply start to feel it? That is the power of the suggestion of the word love and what it will do to your heart if you choose to feel it right now! There are also those with the very feeble minds out there that choose to hold on to all of the hate as tightly as they possibly can and hurt themselves with it over and over and over again rather then to forgive it and forget about it. Do not let those who choose to feel all of the hate share it with you! They are the vulnerable carriers and spreaders of toxic psychology and their infection is blocking all of the love from reaching others around them and that has led our entire specie in to degeneracy. That warm and energetic feeling of excitement you sometimes get in your spine is indeed a rare one and that is why you sometimes forget that it is there. Switch it on right now and leave it on for the rest of your entire life. Do not let your mind manifest distractions from this feeling anymore. Love. We are not a solid. We are all exactly the same organism further broken down and each acting as a separate individual nerve receptor and although we all experience exactly the same things at different times, they are still exactly the same things and the common blind eye turned to those suffering receivers is how our brother and sister became our neighbor and it is also how our neighbor became our enemy! Let it be a new specie should anything happen to the old one. One where all of the lives are really one simple life in many pieces. God save the oldest person on in the world today! They have survived the longest out of everyone on Earth! The DNA in their blood is the most advanced of my entire specie and that makes them the one true royal imperial! I love to exist. Existence is a God and it would be sacrilegious and even ungrateful to ignore the future of all of our bloodlines. The future of our entire specie depends upon the unity of each individual right now! Goodwill to all men and women and world peace. We do after all have a planet to save.​ The mind is like a video recorder. Please use it to record all of the good times and then watch all of the good times as often as you can throughout your whole life. They are your stimulation and that is your motivation. It is your duty to your loved ones to erase any bad times! Do it! Do for them! Do it right now!" ~ AuroraFan.​

  • "When life gives you lemons, your supposed to juice one, mix 4x liters of water to the juice and drink it all day. Do not worry too much about the citric acidity and the erosion of enamel upon your shiny teeth. After all, this is only for when life gives you lemons. I like to slice the peel up, boil the peel and eat the peel for breakfast all along with the flesh and a cup of fresh oats and all of that lasts me up until lunchtime. The little yellow-mellow fellows only carry around 24 calories and after drinking at least one of the liters for breakfast and continuing your day with a Sugar-FREE chewing gum, your mind will feel refreshed at all times and your dentist will be proud of you! Too much citric acid is very naughty! However... There is nothing wrong with starting every single like this using apples and pears! The peel may be substituted with an extra apple at around 116 calories each or an extra pear at around 101 calories. Make that around 232 (Apple) or 202 (Pear), depending on which one you're going for. Should you be enjoying this and you find yourself losing weight, play around with it some more because once you get a good portion your essential vitamins and minerals on one dish you can then go on set up your perfect meal-plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner." ~ AuroraFan.

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    Sometimes, the inner me, wish to see the world around as it is shown in high-tech marketing advertisement clips. So bright and clean. Where humans needs and suffers are solved by technical progress. But it is only a advertisements after all. By our products, invest in our products, etc..

    In the real life our modern cyberpunk looks a bit junky 🤖

  • @spacegirl It has been said that our world is a dying world and we have to find a new home in less than 400 years. But what if we can save it?

  • "There are three kinds of personalities in this world. Warm, cold and many individuals using various social processing to determine and equally distribute warm and cold. Warm. Feeling the love being generated in our spines right now and spreading it. Cold. Never being able to escape the hate because it is important to them. The rest who are stuck in limbo. If they require love to be showered upon them first then they judge the difference between love and hate and that is also how they hurt themselves. Does it not work that way in the 'real world' ladies and gentlemen? Is there no such thing as 'happy endings' either? Perhaps life is about how others treat you!? Receiving the signals of others and constantly reverse engineering those signals until the hate is detected!? Do we return what hate we discover!? What if we have made a mistake and it is far too late? Your life is what YOU make it! Emotional well-being and mental health is dependent upon registering only positive emotions. Your feelings are a like a video recorder. Only record positive emotions from now on. Reset your default human settings and banish everything toxic from your reality once and for all!" ~ AuroraFan.

  • Love and Hate ..both are equal parts of our life...You need to have both of em....

  • @Hero_Hunter Do you feel hate?

  • @Hero_Hunter What makes you need hate?

  • @Hero_Hunter Do you enjoy hate?

  • @Hero_Hunter You don't need hate!

  • @Hero_Hunter Never being able to escape the hate because it is important to you does not mean that you need hate!

  • @AuroraFan Why i need hate???I don't need it i'm a part of it...Part of both....Love is pleasure and hate is hurt...And you need to get hurt in order to evolve...That's how nature works...nobody enjoys hate..But when someone offer it to me , i can't offer him love..That's all i'm trynna say..

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