• Meet her qh n I was 14 thannwhen I was 30 we dated for 15 years raised her 3 and my 1 c u ildren together when the nest was empty so was she and left

  • Banned

    If you have one friend in the end, it better be yourself.

  • WOW, what a wide-open topic to get into. If you don't mind being alone, then you are your own best friend. That's a really good place to start and you should start again with someone else new. Just because the love in your life moves on, it doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't yourself. It's not uncommon for couples to separate after the kids have gone. Usually, because they forgot to include themselves in the family mix before and made the mistake of making the kids about their lives. We all love our kids, but our job was to get them ready to be adults. But not at the cost of us, the parents who also are a couple. You lost track of each other and it sounds like you or both forgot to make "US" time with a common mutual theme always shared.

  • Give yourself time to heal then pick yourself up and smile there is someone for you when the time is right

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