• so i hate almost everyone. if you don't live in my house you can kick the bucket for all i care.
    now obviously that's an issue. do i tell a doctor how uninterested i am in others? or keep it to myself. meeting new people hurts my brain. they talk and talk and i cant help but zone out.
    im a pretty shy person and on the outside im just a carefree kinda person. level headed and understanding. but in reality im not like that at all. am i subconsciously manipulating people?
    its odd because i feel like loneliness is killing me but as soon as i do anything about it i get an overwhelming feeling of "okay i really don't care about anything you could possibly tell me"
    maybe i was built to be forever alone? maybe somethings holding me back? i am so confused is there a name for this??

    some help would be appreciated
    (P.S does this make me a bad person? i mean i cant really help it but i feel like this makes me sorta trashy)

  • Have you ever been evaluated by a professional? It sounds like something's wrong...

  • no i haven't. not for anything related to this anyway

  • Lack of empathy, outspoken and with no interest in small-talk, yet that is solely my opinion. Manipulating others? Not really, just deceiving/presenting yourself as something you are not. Try talking to people you resonate with/have at least some common interests, even though it might take a lot of time to find those. Making you bad? Opinions will be different, some people might consider you that, but at the end of the day, you are not defined by their perspectives.

  • @mindigh even when i am talking to someone "like" me or who has similar interests i still feel the need to stop the conversation after a short period of time. people become boring real quick then just become flat out annoying. there's a sense of only wanting something i cant have then once i do have it i lose all appreciation for it. for example when im lonely i feel like everything's crumbling beneath me but as soon as i realise i have someone to talk to it stops. and that's a loop im stuck in. and i don't understand it. im well aware that i hate people and im better off without them in my life. but at the same time something in me makes me chase after them. its counterproductive really.

  • @riagan blah.gif

    You have just focused on your weaknesses. What about your strengths. Your strengths could compliment my weaknesses and vise versa. Everyone has things we could change about ourselves. I have the same problems on a little smaller scale. but sometimes i just walk away from people mid conversation, like : dont care.

  • being able to put on a face and not come across as rude is probably a strength. im able to speak my mind more when its online

  • @riagan me too. im shy and an introvert in RL. it s nice to come out of my shell a little. If even in this fake world

  • @mindigh quickly judgemental, easily standardized your opinion through people and brutally words that you can not filter from someone who just share his thought, i g that's something can describe you as well xD
    @riagan just mute his statement is better for your healing time i g. take your time.

  • @Jumanly_Nibby Judgemental? Indeed, however, not due to this. I simply stated my opinion, read the title and you will find the purpose. He did not ask for cheer-ups.
    "Brutally words that you can not filter". How is anything that I've stated considered brutal? They are neither good nor bad. They are just traits. "To speak the truth among people who do not want to hear it is considered almost an aggressive act".
    "better for your healing time". You have already assumed that something is wrong with him, are you certain that your "judgemental" reply wasn't a projection of yourself?
    Quite difficult to come with logic when having a "comeback" is all you yearn for. I could very much advise you to head back to the Live Chat, the maturity (better said, the lack of it) fits you well.