• @RexGreeley thats not true.😑

  • @Max256 What part isn't true?

    weak...only bullies who are afraid themselves treat people the way that Putin does.

    scumbag...see above.

    dictator...tell us where there is real opposition allowed to Putin's dictatorship in Russia. Be careful though...if you speak out, you might "fall out of a window"...lol...

  • @RexGreeley wow,what part isn't true?
    everything you were saying till now.smh

  • Anyhow I too wish him a him happy birthday(I know its late still yeah)

  • @Max256 Nice rebuttal...moron...lol...

  • @RexGreeley Your government is more than open about supporting Al Qaeda in Yemen and allies of Al Qaeda in Syria. Start using your brain.

  • @RexGreeley It seems that you don't follow Russian politics. There is real opposition in every single election, but people choose Putin. Only Nemtsov was killed and the guy who killed him is in prison for life. Putin had no connection to it.

  • @RexGreeley You are calling him a moron? You can see on his profile that he is 13 and you still personally insulted a 13 year old. You don't deserve to call yourself a man. Unlike you Max is using his brain and doesn't trust everything he hears on television and also he didn't insult you personally despite you being a garbage to him. Well done @Max256 , i'm proud of you.

  • @IVAN-V-SINČIĆ said in Happy birthday to Vladimir Putin:

    Your government is more than open about supporting Al Qaeda in Yemen and allies of Al Qaeda in Syria. Start using your brain.

    No, we really don't support AL-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, especially since they have plotted to attack us in the past, moron. The USA only supported the Kurds in Syria, which - of course - did almost all of the heavy lifting against ISIL there.

    "Start using your brain"...LOL...physician, heal thyself, moron...what a complete & total liar & loser you really are...

  • @IVAN-V-SINČIĆ LOL...Putin took "personal control" of the investigation into Nemtsov’s murder...so no wonder someone else was convicted of doing Putin's dirty work! Boris Berezovsky...killed after accusing the Kremlin of orchestrating the killing of Alexander Litvinenko. Sergei Magnitsky...killed in police custody in November 2009 after being brutally beaten, then denied medical care. Alexander Litvinenko...a former KGB agent who was killed after drinking a cup of tea laced with polonium-210 by Russian agents Andrei Lugovoi & Dmitry Kovtun, who were acting on orders that had been approved by Putin - in fact, Putin gave Lugovoi a medal for "services to the motherland" in 2015! Sergei Yushenkov...gunned down outside his home in Moscow while investigating whether the Putin government was behind one of the apartment bombings in 1999. Yuri Shchekochikhin...died from a "mysterious illness" in July 2003 while investigating the same 1999 apartment bombings - his medical documents were deemed classified by Russian authorities. Alexei Navalny...poisoned several times (in 2019 & 2020), once while in the hands of Russian authorities. Mikhail Lesin...killed by "blunt force trauma to the head" in November 2015. Anna Politkovskaya...murdered by contract killers who shot her at point blank range in elevator outside her home. Natalia Estemirova...abducted from outside her home & killed in a nearby woodland with gunshot wounds to her head. Stanislav Markelov & Anastasia Baburova...Markelov was Politkovskaya's lawyer who was shot by a masked gunman near the Kremlin while walking with Baburova, who was also shot when she tried to help him. Paul Klebnikov...killed in a drive-by contract killing.

    Putin was only initially elected after concocting the 1999 wave of apartment bombings, which he - of course - helped orchestrate. Putin was "elected" in 2004 only after massive ballot box stuffing. In 2012, Putin was "elected" only after numerous instances of his supporters being driven around in order to vote for him in multiple constituencies (carousel voting), which were documented by video monitoring systems installed at most voting locations. In 2018, Putin was elected only after yet more massive ballot stuffing, which was caught on tape again.

  • @IVAN-V-SINČIĆ said in Happy birthday to Vladimir Putin:

    You are calling him a moron? You can see on his profile that he is 13 and you still personally insulted a 13 year old. You don't deserve to call yourself a man.

    I'm calling him AND YOU both morons, moron....you don't deserve to be called a human being, you lying scumbag! LOL...

  • @RexGreeley i will repeat. You called 13 year old a moron.

  • @RexGreeley Someone who is against Putin dies and it must be that Putin is somehow connected to it? And i actually read books of Anna Politkovskaya, she herself said that Putin has a support of large majority in Russia. So even Putin haters admit it.

  • @RexGreeley I am not talking only about the war in Syria. But if we are focused on Syria you still supported Al Qaeda. You were very open about your support to FSA and they did ally with Al Qaeda.

  • @IVAN-V-SINČIĆ "Putin is protecting Syria from American imperialism"

    You sound like a whiny left-wing faggot still stuck in the Cold War. You sound like you jerk off to pictures of Ché while waiting for your wife's boyfriend to bring you some soy milk. You. Sound. Weak.

    Your side has already lost. Assad is going to get raped with bayonets, just like Gaddafi. Bitch all you want, it won't change the fact that the West always wins and you pussies always lose.

    Before you go, I have two questions for you: How are things in Olgino? And would you like a free helicopter ride?

  • @V-O-I-D I am not a leftist and neither is Putin. Also the west already gave up in Syria.

  • @IVAN-V-SINČIĆ said in Happy birthday to Vladimir Putin:


    The USA has NEVER supported Al-Qaeda, and neither has the Free Syrian Army, moron...go spread your pro-Russia lies somewhere else, troll...

  • @RexGreeley It seems that you have a bad memory. You forgot when US newspapers were praising Al Qaeda, when your government were calling them their friends. And you have pictures and videos of Al Qaeda fighters celebrating with FSA fighters. Start using your brain and stop trusting disgusting, evil American propaganda.

  • @IVAN-V-SINČIĆ Come over. I want to have sex with you.