• Happy birthday to one of the nicest/coolest/most determined guys I know, @BOOTS22 There’s nothing that can stand in his way of reaching his goals once he sets his mind to it. So keep striving to move ahead in life and you will reach your goals. Have a great day bro!!!!!
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  • Hey thanks man! Lol I love these gifs! Except one is from Super Bowl LI tears 😢. Lol its good man once I play for them we gonna get 10 rings in a row! Lol Jk Jk. But thanks man!

  • @boots22 don’t even come at me about sad SB history. I’m a Vikings fan lmao

  • @football_m29 Ohhh yeah I'm sorry man. I for real wanted y'all to win against the eagles this year. Like it sucked I was crushed.