• OK! So, here's my entry into Saturday Night Eats. ZITI from scratch (new recipe) and garlic bread. LOL Hungry?




    And...TADA! :tada:


  • @Lazz ok now you have to share.......

  • @Sassygirl Come on over, there's plenty to go around!! Made 2 dishes at once! (because...leftovers) :grinning_face:

  • @Lazz Thats prime example of why I love Ziti but the question is.....do I get some haha

  • @Khelayni That's right, you gonna GIT YOU SUM! :angel:

  • @Lazz soooo this is the creation eh? super OISHI!!!!! <3

    Now, mail that baby over and lemme have some!!!!

  • @Rei_90 :grin: NEXT time. Still have to "tweak" the recipe a bit. Make it my own. Maybe when you're out here visiting? I'll make it special for you!

    UNLESS you'd rather the..."secret" Pod Chicken, instead? :thinking:

  • @Lazz Can i have both pleeeeeease.. I eat a lot. LOL

    Feeeeed meeeeeeee. Nom nom nom.

  • @Rei_90 LOL Twin, for YOU I'd make anything you want. And it'd be my pleasure! To have such a skilled CHEF even want to try things I make...wow that means a lot! And I smile when you say "nom nom nom" every time :heart_eyes:

    Wondering if you like pizza?? I make some really GOOD pizza!

    I know I know I take really BAD pictures! YOUR food pics look like ads! So "professional" looking, and YUMMY too!!