• I gotta go shopping tomorrow, and I was thinking about trying Babybel. Should I do so? Is it nice? Babybel? What is it like, cheddar? Eh? How expensive is it? Can you eat it with Pepperami? Do you store it in the fridge or in the cupboard? Babybel? Is it too childish for an adult to eat? Is it moreish? Babybel? Does it make all crumbs that go down yr sofa? What's the deal with the shell around the outside, what is that, plastic? Babybel? What happens if I buy a pack, but don't like it, and only eat one, will I look like a decadent bourgeois? Eh? What's the consistency of it? Does it even exist, or is just something I dreamed? Is the Babybel superhero enemies with the Cheesestrings saxophonist, or are they good friends? Babybel? Eh?

    smell my cheese.jpg

  • Babybels nice in my opinion. Been years since I had one though. It's not strong tasting cheese. It's pretty mild. You don't eat the red stuff, that's wax. You gotta tear it off with the white strip. Tearing off the strip is about as close to being a hunter/gatherer as you get these days. JK. 😊 It's pretty cool.

    Enjoy your babybel.

  • @Indrid-Cold That was just a preview. You might reconsider when the full length movie gets released :grin:

  • @Darla-Alphalfa Being a hunter-gatherer would be cool, 21st century lazy Englishman that I am.

  • @Indrid-Cold Join The Goodness

  • @Lazz I'm not sure cheeses rolling along city streets is the best vizaviz hygiene. To be honest, I'd rather hang with the gelatinous cats, even if they're Nazis.

  • morbidly obese?

  • @Indrid-Cold Impossible, you changed your profile pick. you haven't done that like in two years or so :joy:

  • it is as they say: half of us now looks like doctors, the rest like bandits :joy:...

    however this corona thing... have masks been statistically proven to be effective yet?

    I'm starting to grow tired of measures that cost a lot (in different ways) and have little impact... like in austria, they require people who go to church now to wear masks all through the service... when in all of austria there was a single case of someone getting infected while at church. literally a single case.

    and the whole fear mongering is not growing on me either. I mean if you had a news ticker about the people who die in traffic, then nobody would drive a car anymore (it's a lot more than covid 19 deaths worldwide...)...

    it's like the whole world is growing madder and madder... how is the UK? have things become less mad since the brexit has been decided or more mad?

  • @Indrid-Cold said in ... ... Babybel ?:

    @pe7erpark3r There's still a lot of idiots and bourgeoisie.

    Sounds like things have calmed down a bit :yum:

    But for me, there can never be enough Covid measures. I got vulnerable oldies in my life. I'd buy everyone space-suits if I could.

    Let's go full blown bubbleboy...

    but seriously, I think people are acting a bit shortsighted with covid... just look at how hard the third world is hit by the effects of the measures. People are going hungry by the millions. The economic crisis will kill a lot more people than the disease. And it will especially kill the old and the weak. Just a bit later...

    And I mean... it will hit europe. maybe next year. Seriously, we should find ways to protect the old/weak people, that do not require us to shut down the system.

  • @pe7erpark3r Promote face masks to the idiots innit

  • @pe7erpark3r There's still a lot of idiots and bourgeoisie. But for me, there can never be enough Covid measures. I got vulnerable oldies in my life. I'd buy everyone space-suits if I could.

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