• I'm curious πŸ˜‚ you don't have to share tho but if you wanna share, share πŸ™‚

  • I recently realized I got this belief system in me that practically says I only need to present the best version of myself, and it is a constant process of being good enough and a perfectionist.
    To be fair it is very tiring, and a very lonely process on which I am holding all the responsibility and trusting nobody on helping me achieve my goals or showing how I am actually doing. It really prevents me from accessing my blindspots and from being happy sometimes, holding me back in a very unhappy place of constant loneliness.
    I am working on it, but hey changing a belief system is not easy, yet not impossibleeee!
    Let's see if there are less serious stuff out there hahaha

  • @C-A-T-I-S
    This is some seriously true, raw honesty. And I relate to it very much. I have dealt with similar experiences in my life

  • @C-A-T-I-S yes keep working on it! πŸ˜ƒ

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