The higher we climb the further we fall...

  • Its always when your the highest you fall even further than your lowest.

  • @Teagan-com That is a valid point, and one I can agree with. Life has a way of allowing us each experience. From the highest highs, to the lowest lows. Just remember, MOST of what life offers is somewhere between those two extremes. Strangely in the middle. It's in those experiences, most of all, where we find balance. I hope you'll be able to reach that balance again, soon :yin_yang:

  • @Lazz damn you wise af

  • @Teagan-com If I have learned anything, so far, in this life, and can share to help a potential friend, then I'm always glad to

    But, catch my personal quote. That's about how I usually feel about life and etc. :winking_face:

  • " I see people who are happy for what they have, who trust life, who glide on the wave during difficult times, who have balance, determination, and courage. "
    It comes from my very unhappy friend just a few days ago who suddenly realised what is what in life

    becasue in the end its not about money, wealth, position - i mean its fun and helpfull to have it. But real value comes from people around you.
    You can have people you would not be able to trust - you could have millions, houses, cars everything you can imagine and have noone to talk to from heart.
    And you can have absolutely nothing and be the happiest person in the world - because there will be always someone by your side - not for what you have but for what you are.
    When you start to understand that. then youll never fall. because real friends are impossible to lose.
    And wealth ... comes and goes.