• M 23 here. If a girl posts, there are so many replies, but for a guy, no comments. Are there only desperate men here? Don't the girls feel the same way sometimes? Are or they more subtle in finding a guy?

  • no it's not at all like that, just look at ash33 he gets alot of replies

  • @alkal33 oh, that's encouraging. I'll check out.

  • It is kinda known that guys tend to get more horny than females, which explains the huge amount of horny boys here

  • @Sanxia absolutely. It's just the level that is very surprising.

  • @whereTheGirlsAt I've come to accept it. Wherever there is an anonymous chatroom, there are horny boys heh

  • @whereTheGirlsAt What is so surprising about this comrade ? Tons of socially inept men surf the internet in hopes of landing a woman they normally couldn't in real life, one that would preferably provide both and answer to their loneliness and masturbation material so they come to a place like this where often times they are sorely disappointed, and are forced to either go back to reality or just go back to watching porn.
    Women however, no matter how socially inept, awkward, or even physically unappealing can still find multiple suitors so they do not have this problem.

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  • Banned

    I am glad to read this [url=https://www.google.com]wonderful[/url] article.

  • @Srinivas_M
    Wonderful brother and I agree with you, you know this site is filled with happy strange being, in that most of them happy chasing sexy pant bumms, pussy flashers, and dick heads, very popular hereorgasm show and bling bling wanna bees.. loose consciousness and forget to have awareness of Thier behaviour, cross all the lines of senses..
    all good one day they shall learn too some are fast and quick,some are slow and steady so both finish the race..that's experienced gain knowledge..
    Swami !! hold your horses, patience it's virutue, some known fellow made sense about patience !! do not scream and shotut like small baby , to seek attention by your surroundings as please look I am here , recognise me, it's selfish and demanding Dont feel pity for your self that's sad no feeling NADA !!

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