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    Today was my result day and I got 92.4% and I didn't make into the top 3 , although my overall rank is 4th and rank in my section is 3rd . I missed the overall 3rd position just by 0.2% , but now I realise that I had become somewhat proud of my rank but now I am the same Priyanka who had the goal of do or die before some years . Now I am going to purchase one of the highest level maths books and one of the highest level Science books in India of our class instead of that mystery novel on my bday . Gotta get ready to get my first position back .

  • @cutie-cat I think if ur so serious about studies than u should purchase JEE Level books.

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    @cutie-cat great work! And you are right if we always succeeded in life, we would never find the need to do better. The struggles we have in life are there to test us so that we may come out stronger.

    I am not religious but I have always liked this scripture verse. "But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold." Job 23:10. It is my signature for a reason... because I believe life is a struggle but I (and you) will always come out on top if we just fight for it.

    Once again, good job and even greater job for wanting to better yourself. I will always support that.

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