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    Dearest ----- ,
    We are friends since 4 years . We fight a lot but that doesn't mean that I care any less for you . I love you so much and I do care for you . You sometimes just think that I am just always finding new reasons to fight with you but this isn't like that . I always suggest things that are right for you but you never listen to me and then regret later . We fight a lot but your innocent looking face always forces me to forgive you . Please , care for the people who care for you , not the people who just don't give a shit to you or are just using you for fame . I have a crush on someone else but that doesn't mean that I have forgotton you . Teasing you has become a very important part of my life LOL . Just concentrate on you studies and listen to us coz we are the people who care for you , we are your well wishers . I know that you tease me a lot and it sometimes becomes very annoying but that doesn't mean that I start hating you . I wish I could give this letter to you . But if you ever read it , i would like to let you know that I didn't feel good whenever we fought and I can never hate you . Sorry for all the times I hurt you and thanks for being in my life 😊

  • Gamers

    @cutie-cat awwww if i was some other person then i would have been jealous
    alt text

  • Freedom Writers

    @cutie-cat that is the most adorable thing I've read. You have amazing friends.

  • Music Lovers

    @us-poet Yeah 😁 Thanks 😊

  • Music Lovers

    @jynextremist LOL 😂

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