• My parents are getting old as time is passing as all of ours.

    I live abroad, but I'd like to do something very special for my parents that will make them super happy.

    Give me creative ideas list I can do for them. I will meet them in one month.

  • The best gift that you can give them is yourself, nothing will make them happier that seeing their daughter 🙂

  • When you get there, or before you leave, or whenever.. just find the right time... just tell them that you love them and appreciate everything they've done for you/with you, and beyond that, simply acknowledge what you like about them as just people in general. Bring out what's special in you as a reminder to them, to show what they've accomplished through raising you.

    Oh, and definitely don't forget to be as cliche as possible! 😄

    BTW mix in some of your own creative ideas with the ones you believe would work great on here. You know them and yourself.. well, I assume so. Perhaps you can inject some additional unpredictability in there, Idk.

    Good luck, but whatever you do, what really matters is your intention and what's in your heart. 🙂


    Of course, the best gift.. is time.

  • I don't know if its possible but maybe you can stay a bit longer as planned. By surprise and organize A family day, have dinner together.

    Tell them and show them that you love them as much as you can.

  • Gamers

    @girlnextdoor record a video showing a typical day in your life, or a tour of another place in the country you're in that your parents would want to see. Play it to them when you see them and give audio commentary lol. This way you don't need to wander the streets filming yourself talking to yourself! 😉

  • You can set a date for your mom and dad

  • my friend asked an amateur artist from high school to paint a family picture of her and her parents for christmas and they loved it! Something personal that can't be bought anywhere is the best way to go.

  • Be a child, they raised you.

  • Gamers

    well its simple, do something that will make them proud and take good care of yourself

  • @girlnextdoor If your question is still relevant here's a small list.

    • contact them regularly

    • send them hand written letters, this shows thought, time and love.

    • remind them how much you love them

    • send them regular videos of where you are, share your experiences with them

    • when you do get the time and money, make a small trip home and spend a few days. Yes, it can be costly but it's probably the best thing for all of you. Or get them to you and spend some 1 on 2 time with them.

    I hope this helps. I've been in your predicament before, so this is the stuff that worked for me.
    Much Love, hope to hear about your experiences in the world.
    From, a Stranger.

  • It's seems like your egoistic short-term-minded happiness plan,not for them. Because at that less energetic age,older parents seek long term peaceful things which you will personally know. For every parent,it's like financial and social stability(Respect,Good will,Admiration,Pride) of their child which would give them ultimate happiness and you ensure them that you are on this track. And emotionally,your very presence before thier eyes will bring joy n happiness

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