• Life ain't ever easy and I get that alot of ppl have a fascinating story but when u try and try and try and can't get to the thing u want. u give up sometimes because u never know if u will achieve that 1 goal or how many goals u have but sometimes giving up ain't all ways the way to go yea sure lifes a pain and fighting u but u can fight harder 2 achieve that goal as long as ur up for the challenge and ready for a wait. Well that's my post peeps enjoy😊❤

  • Be practical, choose to be strong. Take charge of our life, sooner or later we'll have to stand up for ourselves

  • Or... You can all die and leave me alone and life will be more easy for everyone :)

  • @Phaéris why are always into killing everybody?less violent options should be considered!!you really need some inner peace ,my friend.best way to find inner peace is to stare into sky or walk in large cicles aimlessly for some time (works for me anyway).

  • @Phaéris bruh lol

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