• What was the most scariest moment of your life. Do not tell us about the time you had to give a public speech. Tell us about a true gut renching experience.

  • When I was little, I went on a rollercoaster with my older sister. I was thin as a twig, so the safety was pretty much useless for me. If it weren't for my sister holding on to me, I probably would have slipped out. I didn't go on a real coaster for like 7 years after that :laughing:

  • @adinttero For me the scariest time of my life was when I had a blood test.
    I've never been a promiscuous person per say, I mean I've had some me fun, but I got into a relationship where the girl I was with wanted me to find out if I had any undesirable contributions to our relationship .... anyway, way back in the late '90s these type of tests took seven days for a response.
    When I took the test, I knew I hadn't subjected myself to the chance of catching anything so it didn't really bother me.
    Now at the time I used to do some volunteer work for a HIV charity, ya know the stuff... help with fund-raising, gardening an all that jazz.
    Anyways, as the week drew on and it came closer to results day I started to worry. I confided in good friends, who also knew I wasn't the most active person in the world, which helped for the duration of the conversation.....
    The last 48hrs prior to my results appointment were a living hell.... as time went on the fear grew.
    Unfounded, but fear all the same.
    By the time I went to get my results you would a though I had been awake for weeks out partying... my eyes were sleepless bloodshot red and sunken, my demeanour was withdrawn and slouched....
    I was dreading what I knew couldn't be true....

    I was so relieved when I got my negative for everything results it was unreal.
    That was the scariest time\thing in my life.....
    ( hope its better for you than my monster post @adinttero ;) ... cause this story is as true as the day is long )

  • @adinttero

    Important note: I'm VERY scared of bees. When I was a kid someone told me that a sting from a bee to someone allergic could result in a painfull death... So that's where it came from.

    I was on a bus trip, one of those LONG bus trips. And during the said trip a bee flew in... I kept seeing her on the far side of the bus, the one side I wasn't in, so I thought to myself: if she doesn't come here I'll be fine.
    Turns out karma loves me and the bitch flew to my side of the bus which resulted in me changing to the former place the bee was standing. At this point I was feeling like i was in a Scooby doo chase and i was starting to feel a bit of a panic attack so I had to leave in a stop early...
    Ended up having to walk about 7km to get to the place I needed cuz I didn't wanna catch another bus :joy: