@adinttero Important note: I'm VERY scared of bees. When I was a kid someone told me that a sting from a bee to someone allergic could result in a painfull death... So that's where it came from. I was on a bus trip, one of those LONG bus trips. And during the said trip a bee flew in... I kept seeing her on the far side of the bus, the one side I wasn't in, so I thought to myself: if she doesn't come here I'll be fine. Turns out karma loves me and the bitch flew to my side of the bus which resulted in me changing to the former place the bee was standing. At this point I was feeling like i was in a Scooby doo chase and i was starting to feel a bit of a panic attack so I had to leave in a stop early... Ended up having to walk about 7km to get to the place I needed cuz I didn't wanna catch another bus