• Well, things are starting to get real, here. State Gov is currently deciding on locking us down. Papers have already been issued, allowing us to drive to & from work, so if we get stopped we have to show the paper, in order to be cleared to be on the roads. Stores keep selling out, even though deliveries are still coming in. Supply chains are still strong. Most fast-food places are either CLOSED, or close earlier than usual. Other than that, self-isolation is the daily routine.

    To all those in similar situations, stay sane, be safe, hang in there!

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    India is already closed for a whole day today

  • @Akkii Stay well and strong bhai

  • @Lazz Yup, all we have already get ready to fight against Coronavirus and yes as akki said, same here in india also, It still lockdown from early morning to right now(7:50pm).
    People also did support by showing theirs great gratitude by rang bells, blown up Firecrackers, Did sound using Conchshell, Ladies also did sound on steel plates using rolling pad.
    Definitely the lockdown not for today only but shall be continues. after all It's depends on government.


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    @Lazz the situation is worse in France we have already passed one week of lock-down and we have Italy next to us and doesn't seem that these measurements are working for them. This is driving me crazy and horny too XD.

  • @thegodbrother Bon jour! I imagine it must be more than a bit scary there, right now. And so close to Italy, can't help. Stay sane! Internet helps, lots

  • @Lazz Not afraid of the virus, Just a little bit upset because after listening to the news of the lives of many people, just do not give it a chance to spread. Hope everything goes well as before and yes you too stay healthy as usual.

  • @Lazz Always welcome and always Thankful.

    Yes, Same situation seen here. I think would be lockdown gradually because the number of positive cases increasing rapidly. Damn. . as it Today new 11 cases came in my statse and It becames 415 total in india.

  • @Bad_Comrade Hopefully this will all pass, and SOON. Self-isolation is starting to wear on the spirit. Be well, STAY well!

  • @Bad_Comrade So far so good! No new News here about locking our whole state down. This is such a fast moving situation, and things could change quickly though! Thanks for the well wishes, and of course, the same to you

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