Trying to clock 48 hrs without sleep

  • So, I got bored and decided to stay awake for 48 hrs WITHOUT the help of coffee or energy drink, while trying to measure the rate at which my intelligence degrades. So far, it has been 40 hrs and so far, so good.

  • @sir-devil i wasnt worried....but i can see why u think i was...i have a problem in expressing my thoughts...and it sometimes come out as im worried about a total random stranger whith whom i never even had a proper conversation...clearly due to miscalculations misdiagnosing and misfiring and also because i wasnt thinking...

    so to sum it not worried...congratulations on completing ur target..and best of luck for ur future endeavours and sorry..for trying to hit u with a chair...u had it all covered...and u did pull it up quite well...*thumbs up..

  • I could stay awake only for around 36 hours, I did this three times.

  • @lucifer_ said in Trying to clock 48 hrs without sleep:

    @sir-devil did you fall asleep in the dark?


  • @lucifer_ No. I am still awake and would probably push it to 50 hrs...

  • @sir-devil and the experiment continues.
    can you stay up till the hallucinations start?
    I'd love to know what you hallucinate about.

  • @lucifer_ Lol, for the hallucination to start, I must be awake for at least 72 hrs. I don't think I could last that long.

  • @sir-devil it would've been really fun.

  • @lucifer_ That probably would be terrifying to me.

  • you should sleep,its not a healthy experiment.and i believe u r staying in college hostel and u donot have necessary backup plan incase u get some seizure or some electrolyte disturbances..or sleep straight for hours and become dehydrated and exhausted.

    look the experiment u r performing has been performed n number of times before and their results are published whatever the torture u r enduring isnt of any significance to mankind or medicine field..and you doing it recklessly without proper backup and help is stop and drink a lot of water and go to sleep...dont make me come there and hit you with a chair.

  • @sir-devil hey dudz. I just finished watching the Stephen King movie IT (2017 version) with my sister and It's 4:13 AM here and i need to get the fuck to sleep.

  • @sir-devil Congrats Sir devil!
    You have made an important contribution to the world of science on TWS.
    Also @khaleezi91 why would you try to hit him with a chair!!! his dp looks so scary!!!
    P.S: whispers--its thumbs up

  • 48 hours is fine,not a bad idea..but try not to prolong it or else u r gonna feel like u have been hit by a truck ,not to mention the headache and nausea...not a good feeling...

  • @khaleezi91 WIll try to stay awake as long as I could as I got nothing to do anyway and I also want to see how low my intelligence can drop due to sleep deprivation but still thanks for your input. I will try to stay as safe as possible.

  • Update : It has been 45 hrs and I'm still awake. My reaction time is better (283 ms) that what I had 4 hrs ago (302 ms) but I can feel my memory is getting worse and my cognitive skills are also getting weaker. I am not tired tho. Still no stimulants (but wish I had one).

  • Due to constantly looking at my laptop's display for more than 24 hrs, my eyes are pretty tired. Decided to stay in the dark for a while.

  • @sir-devil did you fall asleep in the dark?

  • @khaleezi91 Lol, Sorry for making you worry but I did take some precautions. First, I am in a rented apartment with three other classmates, hence I have no restriction going out in case something happens. I have stayed awake before. It would usually for 36 hrs with the help of coffee. Since I did those for multiple times I am sure that I would not get a seizure. Although I wasn't really sleepy, I took the precaution of not moving around much. Hence, in case I fall asleep involuntarily, it would be onto a table and I have told my roommates the steps they should take in case I fall asleep.

    The reason. I was staying up late initially to complete a project for my online job. Since I had exams this month, I wasn't able to do it daily and the deadline is Nov 1. I started doing it at night and completed it in the morning and since I wasn't sleepy, I decided to an experiment and took few test for reaction time, Memory and for other cognitive skill all around the day, to see how it varies. It was useful since the results vary for every person and I didn't torture myself. There was a mild headache but I was never in pain. I wasn't sleepy either and I did fall asleep when I got really sleepy which was around my 49th hr. I took a 9 hr sleep and here I am, completely refreshed. So, sorry again for making you worry and don't worry, I am okay.

  • So, here's my reaction time.
    36th hr - 308 ms
    40th hr - 283 ms
    44th hr - 289 ms
    and now after a 9 hr sleep. - 218ms

    I don't think that I could publish a comparable result for other skills but they gradually got worse.

  • @alwaysstranger lol, It's 4 AM in France, right? Go to sleep although I am thinking that you are already asleep by the time I post this.

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