• Hello,

    My Bf broke up with me in beginning of july with a simple text saying "I have to block you" and it ended. We were in log distance relationship with 10 hours time difference. Due to my insecurities i use to argue and one fine day he decided to end it. After 3 weeks of breakup he called me to say sorry for the way he ended things. The closure call was full of love and apologizes. He said sorry for his deeds and i said sorry for the way i behaved. He claimed he was I was the best person he met, i was the best thing happened to him. also after noticing the change i brought in myself, he said he loves me even more and he will love me forever. But he wasn't willing to take it ahead. The call ended with love you and kiss. again we are no contact mode, though he said he call me on my birthday just to wish. no I am so confused with overall behavior

  • @riyaaa With certain events in life it may be best to just let it go. Also, you may have been, or are the Best, but you're not a thing, you're a person.

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