• About a year ago I was with my friend at the park this was he first time I hung out with him outside of school. Originally that’s all it was, hanging out. Eventually he asked to kissed me which I agreed to that one time. From then on that seemed to be all he wanted to do and would do it without asking because I said yes once. He then started touching my butt and I was too scared to say anything. This escalated to boobs then putting his hand down the front of my pants(he asked if we were at that part I didnt know what he meant said “sure you can try ig” completely oblivious when I realized I started shaking backed up little but he didnt stop and I was scared to speak up then he did it other times without asking). One time I tried to pull away and I felt like I physically couldn’t like he was too strong. Once I even had a panick attack infront of him because of it he thought it was something else. Once a friend tried to help catch him but when he saw my friend he started acting different. This continued for both months during summer vacation. It’s been a year since it originally started and I still think about it and shake, cry, hard time breathing, and the odd time full blown idek panick attacks ig until I pass out(some of my friends think I have ptsd from it but that doesnt make sense). Ik I should have said no and stopped it but I was too scared so ik it was my fault. I never reported it because I have no proof it even happened but I can still explain exactly how I felt. I’ve been told its sexually harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault, but idk. Idek if it’s considered anything at all and ik I’m probably overreacting. But if it is considered something could someone please tell me what it’s considered…. I need to know to bring some clarity to the situation… and yes ik it’s too late to do anything now I just wanna know….. thanks

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    @jels4life Find someone else coz that disconcerted, sickly and technically mensed regurgitate is only interested in intimate relationship with you. Save your innocent coo coo for the right person.

  • @jels4life
    If it was any form of sexual contact you did not explicitly approve of, it would be considered sexual abuse or molestation.. potentially rape depending on how far it went. From what you describe and your feelings, I would say yes it would be considered sexual abuse

  • @Unicorny not if it was with me 😏

  • @jels4life
    Also, it is never your fault even if you don't explicitly stop it. People get scared and in some situations freeze. So do not blame yourself for this person's actions.

  • @Unicorny thank you, I've been trying to figure this out for awhile now

  • @DestructoBalls
    Not the post to be trying to hit on people on. The person posting this came here for help, don't sully that with sexual innuendoes

  • @Unicorny Am just saying 😏

  • @Unicorny The guy might be too ugly . I am an angel

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    @jels4life If you're a guy, this means you've kept your pridetenor-7.gif.

  • @Cold-Sun dont know what that means but I'm a girl so

  • @DestructoBalls how about never in a million years

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    @jels4life My apologies please.

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