My ex broke up with me around 2 years ago, but still I can't name her as my ex. It hurts me

  • My ex broke up with me around 2 years ago, but still I can't name her as my ex. It hurts me. I still love her more than anything. What should i do? Even after break up I was still going back of her. And I'm 26 , I work for Reputed IT company , Also I earn well. She's 5 years younger than me. She's studing. I have introduced her to my parents , she has met my parents many times. My parents know about our relationship. Which is 6 years almost. But my parents still doesn't know that she broke up with me. I tried all my best ways to get her back in these 2 years. But during this March lockdown , she says she's dating someone. She told me to delete our pics , which I'm not able to do. Also while breaking up she told , I get carried away by emotions , I gave her all possible love and care to her. I always planned for our future. I had even started saving money for our happy future. But I don't know why she left me. Since 2 years every day I cry for her , but in front of her I'll stay like nothing happened , She wants my friendship it seems but not relationship with me. I feel so low , I don't know what to do. I did trying talking to other girls but I didn't get to it we'll because I always keep thinking about her. Now she says I'm with my guy n all it hurts me so much. I don't know what to do. @breakup

  • You are 26 n she's younger 5 years which made her 21, you've date 6 years ago then, you are 20 n she's 15. Then broke up for 2 years. That's made u 18 n she's 13.

    Man.. Your relationship was like home installment.

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