Why do this alone?

  • This tree stands wilted fears show within the falling leaves.
    Walk past this lonely tree.
    Forgot how to hold a hand.
    Gave in. Let the air fill my weak lungs.
    Parked my bike along the bridge.
    Took off my helmet. Walked slow. Took my time.
    Made her cry. Made her look at me with hurt.
    Made her leave me. My mom said to take time with love it can break too easily. I told my mom I could have listened. I should have never let the one I loved I- I god I can't breathe.
    I sit under the tree I pasted by too many times.
    Her hair still feels as if the wind is blowing me away.
    Her voice... her beautiful soft voice... reminds me of the winter snow.. how I left with a melted heart.
    Why... just give me a chance to make this ok.
    Maybe just maybe... This tree stands with leaves waiting to be loved. I run to my Bike I close my eyes. I knock on the door.. hoping she answer. She opened the door arms crossed waiting for an explanation. I say to her..." I am nothing without you I am trying to find the right words to say... I can't lose you. I never should have let you go". She opens her arms with both of us crying holding each so close.

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