Which is the end of the era, I wish it wasn't that year

  • Music Lovers

    This year we see many things, most of the disaster. There are few good news in world now. Forest fire, corona, many protests… many names in the list.Many lost their lives, many lost their jobs, homes, some are away from their families.We are forgetting that not only humans, but other living organisms are also part of the world. We humans are so insensitive about them.
    We have taken a lot from nature, now is the time to return. A good news is that nature is recovering.
    In between this, what we can do??
    Hmm, Good Question…
    There are many people around you that need you help mentally or financially. Help them, how much u can do, if u can’t do so much, do little things. Give food, water to animals.
    Remember, “a good deed always comes around”…

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