• I am headed for divorce and I believe have been for a couple years. This is my second marriage falling apart for completely different reasons then the first. I just don't know how to know it is really over and have the courage to take the first step and start moving on with my life. I really wanted it to work, but with all the struggles and the constant unhappiness in my life I feel broken with no way out. I have no malice towards my spouse, I would want it to be as close to a friendly end as possible. I would have no desire to hangout with her after the fact, but I have no ill will towards her. There are kids involved but no joint children they are from different marriages. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • i am sorry that you are struggling and unhappy. i have never been in your situation so all i can offer is a sympathetic ear. i can understand how life can hit you with constant struggles and unhappiness and how that can leave you feeling broken. talking about it helps so dont be afraid to reach out.

  • It's tough getting out of that situation but whatever it takes to speed up the process, I recommend thinking it through. I say "thinking"because it's hard to go with the first choice.

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